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    • SALE

      'A Senseless, Squalid War': Voices from Palestine 1890s to 1948.

      He uses contemporary sources such as letters, songs, diaries and stories as well as journalism and official propaganda to record the experiences of people embroiled in the problems of governance and territorial rights which are still proving intractable...

      Was: $34.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      11 Days in December: Christmas at the Bulge, 1944.

      Publisher Description Here, Weintraub provides an account of the critical days in December, 1944, when Nazi Germany seemed on the brink of disintegration. He tells how the Russians were rapidly advancing in the east, while the Americans and British,...

      Was: $50.00
      Now: $17.95
    • SALE

      1912: The Year the World Discovered Antarctica.

      Second only to Russia in its landmass and the highest continent on Earth, it's no wonder that we are so curious about this remarkable continent. The author, who is an Australian scientist, offers an excellent account of five expeditions to Antarctica in...

      Was: $49.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      1916: The Easter Rising.

      For six days from noon on the 24th of April 1916, the Irish nation trembled as death and destruction stalked the streets of Dublin. This is the story of the participants, the planning, the actuality, the government response, and the long felt aftermath...

      Was: $29.99
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      1924: The Year That Made Hitler.

      It was the year he spent in prison after the failed Beer Hall Putsch. In a rather nice looking, low-security building and surrounded by his co-conspirators it was a year of deep reading, of a trial and courtroom speeches, of walking gravel paths and...

      Was: $56.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      1956: The Year That Changed Britain.

      In 1956, everything changed. Britain and France occupied Suez, and the Soviet Union invaded Hungary. Nikita Khrushchev's `secret speech' exposed the crimes of Stalin. Suddenly the left found itself homeless, as the Communist Party became uninhabitable...

      Was: $60.00
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      1965: The Year Modern Britain was Born.

      It saw artistic, literary, technological, political, and ethical changes and Bray's mocking wit and penetrating analysis appraises the year's key characters and events. The reverberations of what happened that year were heard and felt by everyone in the...

      Was: $27.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      24 Hours at Agincourt: 25 October 1415.

      Just outside the village of Agincourt in Picardy a small bedraggled English army defeated a French force between four and six times its size. French casualties ran into the thousands while the English lost at most just over one hundred men. For King...

      Was: $60.00
      Now: $24.95
    • SALE

      A Ball, A Dog and A Monkey.

      In 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first orbital satellite, Sputnik I, and were suddenly ahead of the U.S. in the space race. Members of Congress and the press insisted they do the same, so the U.S. Army lead the effort, with ex-Nazi rocket scientist...

      Was: $30.00
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      A Brief History of Britain 1485-1660.

      In 1485 Richard III's death on Bosworth Field meant the Tudor dynasty won the crown. Under their rule England became a Protestant nation and became an important trading and political power. A hundred years later Elizabeth I died and the throne passed to...

      Was: $24.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      A Brief History of British Sea Power.

      Describes the growth of British skill and confidence at sea, from its obscure beginnings 1500 years ago to its climax in the 20th century when the British navy was the biggest in the world and over half the world's merchant ships were British. ÔHowarth's...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      A Brief History of Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice.

      Today the phenomenon of misogyny has been identified not only as a source of oppression and injustice, but also as an obstacle to human development, and to social and economic progress. This examines attitudes to women by the church, witchhunts, sexual...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      A Brief History of the British Army.

      The story of the British Army has many facets, being a tale of heroic successes and tragic failures, of dogged determination and drunken disorder. In this wide-ranging yet concise account, Haswell sketches the medieval background before concentrating on...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $5.00
    • SALE

      A Brief History of the House of Windsor.

      The House of Windsor dates from 1917 when the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha re-branded itself during the First World War. This adaption helped the British royal family adapt and survive. A fascinating story filled with colourful personalities and exciting...

      Was: $27.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      A Concise History of the USA.

      In this acclaimed short survey, Sinclair concentrates on the qualities that transformed America from nothing more than a network of trading posts to the most single powerful nation in the world. He traces the origins of the American ideal, the...

      Was: $34.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      A Force to Be Reckoned With: A History of the Women's Institute.

      An engaging social history which shows the famous WI of Britain to be much more than makers of jam and singers of Jerusalem. Over 200,000 women belong to the WI and its membership is growing across all ages, classes and religions. It was founded in 1915...

      Was: $45.00
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      A History of Antarctica.

      From the exploratory voyages of the 16th century to today's tourism, this traces human activity in this cold, dry, harsh - yet very beautiful region. He reveals 'delight and despair in the words of the sealers, explorers and scientists who venturedÉinto...

      Was: $117.95
      Now: $29.95
    • SALE

      A History Of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time.

      This is the third edition of this enormous, powerful history ÔÉa triumph of comprehensive scholarship which is also a delight to read.' Keenly analytical it will interest the student of history, the layman, and students of religious history. Publisher...

      Was: $64.99
      Now: $29.95
    • SALE

      A History of Modern Libya.

      Publisher Description Libya is coming in from the cold, but for most of the three decades following the 1969 revolution, the country was labelled a pariah state by the West. Dirk Vandewalle, one of only a handful of western scholars to visit during the...

      Was: $37.50
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      A History of Terror: Fear and Dread Through the Ages.

      Publisher Description An illustrated social history, from prehistoric terror of ancestral spirits down to existential angst a la J-P Sartre and dread of alien kidnapping. Throughout history, humankind has been aware of entering into an existence from...

      Was: $24.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      A New History of England.

      A well- written and informative history which begins by discussing the geography, the human impact on the environment, and the role of the environment in England's history. It then takes us from pre-Roman to the Romans, Anglo-Saxon England, Old-English...

      Was: $37.95
      Now: $12.95