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  • General and Behavioural

    • An Introduction to Coping with Anxiety.

      A valuable booklet, which explains what anxiety is and how it makes you feel when it becomes unmanageable or lasts for long periods of time. It can be effectively treated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which deals with your symptoms by challenging...

      Now: $6.95
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      An Unsolicited Gift: Why We Do What We Do.

      Reveals that parenting is a powerful influence that is far greater than is generally accepted. He sheds light on early interactions between mother and infant and demonstrates how this influences the significant decisions he/she will make as an adult,...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success.

      The author, a spiritual success coach and motivational speaker, explains how to replace anxiety with tranquillity, self-doubt with self-acceptance, and insecurity about your life with certainty. ÔÉShows you how to find your passion, love your purpose,...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad.

      This really is a weird and wonderful tour of psychological research from around the globe. Looking at every day vices - chewing gum, drinking alcohol, swearing, having sex, driving a car, timewasting and seeking danger - it finds hidden virtues in all of...

      Was: $29.99
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      Deviate: The Creative Power of Transforming Your Perception.

      His goal is to reveal the hidden wonderland of your own perception using his knowledge of neuroscience. He wants to create a fresh layer of meaning in your brain and innovate your thinking by giving you new awareness, which creates freedom to change. He...

      Was: $22.99
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE


      The world's greatest explorer delves into his own experiences and those of others to try to explain what fear is, and how we feel it. He confesses that his fear of heights is so great that he would rather send his wife up a ladder to clean the gutters...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $9.95
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      Ha!: The Science of When We Laugh and Why.

      For years, scientists have known that humour improves our health and now by viewing it as a rigorous exercise of the mind we understand why. The author's aim is to explore how to incorporate more humour into your life as he investigates the science of...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      How to Read Freud.

      It wil help you experience the pleasure and intellectual stimulation of reading Sigmund Freud's work. There are extracts of his writing about psychoanalytic thinking which are looked at in detail to reveal his central ideas...neuroses, the unconscious,...

      Was: $22.95
      Now: $5.00
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      Human Being to Human Bomb: Inside the Mind of a Terrorist.

      What is it that makes often intelligent young men (and women) violently kill themselves in the name of religion and politics? The author discusses this perplexing question with reference to the motivations of the London bombers and the 9/11 attackers. He...

      Was: $35.00
      Now: $12.95
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      Impulse: Why We Do What We Do Without Knowing Why We Do It.

      Lewis investigates how our brains manage the illusion of free will through a self-control mechanism that often rests after lengthy periods of self-restraint, thus causing impulsive behaviour. When you make a decision or form an opinion you may think you...

      Was: $27.95
      Now: $9.95
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      Liar: The Truth About Lying.

      Don't feel too bad. We all tell lies, all the time. They play a huge part in society at every level. Feldman has researched deception for many years and is an acknowledged expert. Here he reveals the truth about why we lie, including how children learn...

      Was: $19.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      Love Online: Emotions on the Internet.

      An interesting study from CUP, it addresses the issue of how the internet has had a profound impact upon the extent and nature of romantic and sexual relationships. He attempts to enlighten us by discussing such questions as: Is online sex still cheating...

      Was: $89.95
      Now: $3.95
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      Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives.

      As a Ômessy' person to whom tidiness does not come naturally, I was pleased to find a book that explained why messiness can lead to productivity and creative thinking because it gave me hope. He says that unexpected changes of plans, unfamiliar people...

      Was: $32.95
      Now: $12.95
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      On Being Human: Why Mind Matters.

      Kagan, an emeritus professor of psychology at Harvard University, has assembled a collection of essays which he says are inspired by Montaigne. His offers four key messages: abstraction is a double-edged sword; context is important; clarity in expression...

      Was: $59.95
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      Phobias or The Way of the Worrier.

      The author has a phobia himself, so is qualified to write about them he believes. He names and discusses more phobias than you ever knew existed, such as agoraphobia and other social phobias (70 or so); phobias to do with animals, people and so on e.g...

      Was: $19.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      Psy-Q: Test Your Psychological Intelligence.

      Every aspect of the way we think, feel and behave has been studied by psychologists. Here are interactive tests, quizzes, puzzles, games and illusions, so you can gain a powerful insight into you own psychology. You'll measure your personality,...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      The Origin of Ideas: Blending, Creativity, and the Human Spark.

      Biologically we resemble other animals, but mentally we leave them in the dust. Why are we so different? Where do our new ideas come from and how can we carry them mentally into new situations? Turner argues that this distinctive human quality was an...

      Was: $59.95
      Now: $12.95
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      Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older: How Memory Shapes Our Past.

      Explores the nature of autobiographical memory, including such topics as dŽjˆ-vu, near-death experiences, and the effect of severe trauma on memory recall. The writing is educational and illuminating , using a blend of scholarship, poetic sensibility,...

      Was: $25.95
      Now: $9.95
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      Why We Lie.

      Lying is always in the newsÉthink bankers, politicians, and those in charge of the disadvantaged and powerless in society. The author is a world renowned psychologist and she says she has not written about the morality of lying. Rather, she is concerned...

      Was: $45.00
      Now: $14.95
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      Phobias: Revealed and Explained.

      I definitely have arachnaphobia, and probably mild cheimaphobia. I think as children, all my sons went through periods of having lachanophobia. As they get older, many people develop basistasiphobia, and I know several men who have chorophobia. My mother...

      Was: $21.95
      Now: $3.95