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  • Animals

    • SALE

      Accidental Inventions That Changed Our Lives.

      Many inventions are the result of years of research but others are often flukes or serendipity. While looking at vegetarian options the Kellogg brothers boiled and crushed some wheat but on being called away, returned to find their dough was hard and...

      Was: $32.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Animal Health and Production for the 21st Century.

      Publisher Description This book places Australia's efforts in selected areas of animal biotechnology in the context of research developments occurring internationally. The topics chosen for discussion are relevant for the development of animal...

      Was: $60.00
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production of Pet Meat.

      Publisher Description This Standard applies to the production of fresh and frozen pet meat derived from animals slaughtered and processed at a processing establishment, as well as wild animals killed in their natural environment. It contains the...

      Was: $25.00
      Now: $6.95
    • SALE

      Bats: Biology, Behavior and Folklore.

      Originally published in 1939, this account of the life and folk lore of bats has never been bettered. Covering mythology and ecology Allen begins with a look at the role of bats in history and the variety of myths and superstitions related to these...

      Was: $34.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Brutal Kinship.

      Publisher Description "Brutal Kinship" explores the relationship between humankind and its closest relative, the chimpanzee, presenting these extraordinary animals in the wild, in captivity and in protective sanctuaries. In photographs and commentary...

      Was: $50.00
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Common Names of Mammals of the World.

      There are 4,629 mammal species in the world. This provides English common names for them all. The information is presented in two columns with the scientific classification for each species provided on the left and the region of the world where the...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      Creatures of Accident: The Rise of the Animal Kingdom.

      Publisher Description The most important aspect of evolution, from a philosophical viewpoint, is the rise of complex, advanced creatures from simple, primitive ones. This "vertical" dimension of evolution has been downplayed in both the specialist and...

      Was: $50.00
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals.

      A wonderful book of nature writing, it draws on an enormous host of true encounters between man and beast, from the tapeworm that can grow 82 feet long in the human gut to the elephant that single-handedly destroyed an oil tanker and the unexpected...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $14.95
    • Fascinating Insects of Southeast Asia.

      A photographic survey which provides valuable information and is, as well, a comprehensive layman's guide to the extraordinary range of insects that roam the jungle floors and skies of S.E. Asia. The 100+ colour photos include pictures of marauding ants,...

      Now: $16.95
    • SALE

      Fish That Fake Orgasms and Other Zoological Curiosities.

      Entertaining and bizarre this addictive book is filled with amazing and hilarious entries. Did you know that koalas and the common ringtail possum regularly eat their own faeces? What is the best design for a spider's web? What do you call a group of...

      Was: $32.95
      Now: $4.95
    • SALE


      Explores the unique biology of the tallest animals on Earth and views the giraffe in art, literature, film and popular culture. It has fascinated man throughout history - in ancient Egypt they were kept as exotic pets, in the Middle Ages they were...

      Was: $24.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      Hygenic Rendering of Animal Products.

      Publisher Description This Standard applies to all rendering plants operating in Australia. Minimum requirements for quality assurance, construction and equipment and rendering operations are prescribed.

      Was: $25.00
      Now: $6.95
    • SALE

      Laboratory Animal Medicine: Principles and Procedures.

      This combination text and lab manual covers the most common lab animal species, including rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, ferrets, and nonhuman primates. In-depth coverage of each species is presented in a consistent format and...

      Was: $72.00
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      Land Transport of Cattle.

      Publisher Description This Code of Practice is intended as a guide for those involved in transporting cattle. It emphasises the responsibilities of the owner of the cattle, or the agent, livestock transporters, attendants and railway officials. It is...

      Was: $25.00
      Now: $6.95
    • SALE

      Life Story: Many Lives, One Epic Journey.

      A tale of survival, it lays bare the extraordinary journey animals must make to achieve life's goal to continue their bloodline. Whether learning new skills, finding a mate or protecting their young, everything they do is a way of meeting a particular...

      Was: $59.99
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Mammals of the World: A Checklist.

      Includes English and scientific names of every species as well as a brief summary of distribution and habitat. An up-to-date checklist of 5,069 species. An invaluable resource for mammologists and naturalists everywhere. Publisher Description This is...

      Was: $74.95
      Now: $24.95
    • SALE

      National Guidelines for Beef Cattle Feedlots in Australia.

      Publisher Description The bulk of Australia's current feedlot beef production is in Queensland and New South Wales. These States already have laws and regulations relating to the establishment and operation of feedlots, and other States/Territories are...

      Was: $45.00
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      Ocean Duets.

      These gorgeous colour photos allow us to see and understand the marine world and the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. From Yellow Shrimp Gobies to Green Sea Turtles these animals are photographed as they live, in pairs. Publisher Description A...

      Was: $24.95
      Now: $4.95
    • SALE

      Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good.

      Dr Balcombe is an animal behaviour researcher who here focuses on new evidence that animals, like humans, enjoy themselves. They may feel good thanks to play, sex, touch, food, anticipation, comfort, aesthetics and more. Publisher Description...

      Was: $49.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      Rob Hume's Life with Birds.

      Publisher Description Rob Hume is a respected birdwatching professional. He has worked for Europe's leading bird charity, the RSPB, for 23 years, and for a good deal of that time he has been editor of its members' magazine, Birds. (Birds has a...

      Was: $59.95
      Now: $14.95