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  • Biology

    • SALE

      A Field Guide To Insects And Diseases Of Australian Potato Crops.

      Essential reading for all potato growers and industry advisers in Australia, it contains the latest research information which is detailed and reliable, easy to read and to use, and fully illustrated to aid identification. Publisher Description Accurate...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $5.00
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      Ah-Choo! The Uncommon Life of the Common Cold.

      An entertaining, well-written treatise on the common cold, it includes the best advice available on prevention and reducing symptoms. Find out about cold viruses, what they do to the human body, what treatments work, what doesn't and what can't hurt. ...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      Are Dolphins Really Smart?: The Mammal Behind the Myth.

      His research shows us what dolphins are really capable of, and leaves us with a realistic, if not particularly flattering, picture of dolphin life and behaviour. The myth of the intelligent dolphin is explained in a rational and scientific way. From OUP...

      Was: $24.95
      Now: $5.00
    • SALE

      Biocode: The New Age of Genomics.

      The authors take us through the major developments in the brave new world of genomics. They explain that all living organisms on Earth share the same code of DNA: the Biocode. This has opened up a richer understanding of the natural world, and there is a...

      Was: $42.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE


      It's 30 years since Orbach wrote Fat is a Feminist issue but now she has turned her attention to our obsession with the quest for the perfect body. Every year in Iran alone there are 35,000 nose jobs hidden behind the hijab. Men are encourage to...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $4.95
    • SALE

      Body Shopping: Converting Body Parts to Profit.

      Goes beyond a mere recital of horror stories to suggest a range of new strategies to bring the biotechnology industry to heel. Our cells, tissues and organs are becoming the world's latest commodity. This is a riveting exposŽ of the modern marketplace...

      Was: $28.00
      Now: $3.95
    • SALE

      Carpet Monsters and Killer Spores: A Natural History of Toxic Mold.

      Publisher Description Toxic molds and "sick building syndrome" are the topic of this hair-raising contribution to popular science. A must-have for anyone concerned about the potential for toxic molds in the home: homeowners, lawyers, those in the real...

      Was: $52.95
      Now: $17.95
    • SALE

      Ceramic Lasers.

      Describes the fabrication technology and theoretical characterization of ceramic material properties. It also describes novel types of solid lasers and other optics using ceramic materials to demonstrate the application of ceramic gain media in the...

      Was: $260.00
      Now: $39.95
    • SALE

      Darwin Off the Record.

      Darwin persuaded scientists that they had to take seriously the claim that all living things have evolved by natural causes from previously existing types. Some people found these ideas hard to accept, and many still reject them today. This fictional...

      Was: $19.95
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      Dazzled and Deceived: Mimicry and Camouflage.

      Nature's fakers use mimicry to protect themselves, to attract and repel, to bluff and warn, to forage and to hide. Humans have also used camouflage and mimicry in art, literature, battle and medicine. This award winning book provides a colourful and...

      Was: $49.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Domesticated: Evolution in a Man-Made World.

      With encyclopaedic detail, Francis investigates the nature of domestication, focusing mostly on the biological rather than anthropological factors responsible for a wide array of human/animal partnerships. He ranges widely across species, including house...

      Was: $54.95
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      Eradication: Ridding the World of Diseases Forever?

      Examines the origins, historical development, impact and controversies surrounding disease eradication as a goal in international public health. Among her questions is - Is it politically wise and socially useful and just to eradicate disease?...and what...

      Was: $49.95
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      Exposing Men: The Science and Politics of Male Reproduction.

      She looks at plummeting sperm counts, the spike in male reproductive cancers, declining birth rates of boys, and the growth of industries to 'correct' male infertility. She finds male reproductive systems damaged by toxins and war and that proof is...

      Was: $47.95
      Now: $3.95
    • SALE

      Extremes: Life, Death and the Limits of the Human Body.

      Dr. Fong is an anaesthetist in London. Through gripping accounts of extraordinary events and pioneering medicine he explores how our body responds when tested by the extremes of heat and cold, vacuum and altitude, age and disease. A fascinating look at...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Fencing Paradise: Reflections on the Myths of Eden.

      Publisher Description At the Eden Project 'Nature' is not as elsewhere - it is as once an actual garden and an imitation of Nature in a place that was recently derelict and sterile. Sitting in Eden's Blomes, Richard Mabey finds himself pondering the...

      Was: $47.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      Finger Prints.

      In 1892 the scientist Sir Francis Galton published his landmark study of fingerprint science. It remains the basis of today's system. This reviews his studies of fingerprint ID. It is 'essential for students of fingerprinting and its use in law...

      Was: $26.95
      Now: $3.95
    • SALE

      Frankenstein's Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech's Brave New Beasts.

      She examines how advances in science and biotechnology might enhance the lives of animals. She looks at Dolly, the first cloned sheep, other clones, robot-armoured beetles that military handlers can send on spy missions, dolphins with prosthetic fins,...

      Was: $26.95
      Now: $5.00
    • SALE

      Genes, Cells and Brains: The Promethean Promises of the New Biology.

      Since the launch of the Human Genome Project, the biosciences have promised miracle cures and made other health claims. But why has this cornucopia failed to emerge? Examines the bioscience industry - biobanks, the rivalry between public and private gene...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      Genetics in the Wild.

      Nature emerges as a realm where truth is stranger than fiction, e.g. 100-ton mushrooms, egg-swapping birds, extinct ground sloths, and microbes inside our bodies. 'Rummage around for a genetic peek at some beguiling creatures, and thereby gain a sense of...

      Was: $90.00
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      Here is a Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics.

      Dr Angrist brings us the first inside story of the Personal Genome Project, as well as the political, social and ethical issues that emerged throughout the study. A fascinating probe into the many ways genomics is going to influence society as a whole. ...

      Was: $50.00
      Now: $3.95