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  • Physics and Space

    • SALE

      A Brief Introduction to Astronomy in the Middle East.

      Tells the story of the development of astronomy in the Middle East from the earliest times to the 15th Century A.D. The studies and discoveries by these ancient astronomers still influence the language of astronomy today. Publisher Description The...

      Was: $22.00
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      A Discovery of New Worlds.

      It was published in 1686 and translated into English by Aphra Behn. Over the course of 5 nights an astronomer teaches a young noblewoman about the planets that can be seen in the night sky. Although, of course, the science is now superseded, it...

      Was: $24.95
      Now: $3.95
    • SALE

      A Passion for Mars: Intrepid Explorers of the Red Planet.

      Chronicles the epic quest and the enduring dream of going to Mars. He has spoken to astronomer Carl Sagan, rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, biologist Jerry Soffen, geologist Mike Malin and others, revealing the...

      Was: $49.95
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      Chasing the Sun: The Epic Story of the Star That Gives Us Life.

      Packed with interesting figures, extraordinary myths and surprising anecdotes, the ingenious idea behind this wide-ranging book is that the sun deserve it's own biography, and this is 'a glorious literary orbit around the sun'. It 'tells non-scientists...

      Was: $27.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      Comets!: Visitors from Deep Space.

      From ancient times, humans have been fascinated by 'broom stars' and 'blazing scimitars' lighting up the sky and moving against the fixed background of stars. The Great Comets of our time still receive in-depth attention - ISON, Hale-Bopp, Hyakutake,...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      Cosmic Company: The Search for Life in the Universe.

      Are we alone in the universe? These two experienced writers of popular astronomy ponder the possibility of aliens ever visiting Earth, or what it might mean if we were able to pick up a signal from the cosmos. Illustrated in colour throughout. Publisher...

      Was: $83.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      Destiny or Chance: Our Solar System and its Place in the Cosmos.

      Publisher Description Written by a leading planetary scientist, this book tells the remarkable story of how our solar system came into existence. It provides a fast-paced and expert tour of our new understanding of the Earth, its planetary neighbours...

      Was: $37.50
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      Instant Egghead Guide: The Universe.

      Breaks many scientific ideas into short pieces in a step-by-step approach that is not only convenient but also conveys the way that science is cumulative, slowly building on its previous achievements. Topics include Matter and Energy, Electromagnetism...

      Was: $24.95
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      Introduction to the Physics of Gyrotons.

      The author is one of the world's leading experts on gyrotrons, which, as unique sources of coherent high-power, microwave, and millimetre wave radiation, are an essential part of the hunt for controlled fusion. Here he explains their fundamental physical...

      Was: $224.95
      Now: $5.00
    • SALE

      Newton: Understanding the Cosmos.

      Isaac Newton had an extraordinary mind. It drew together all the scientific knowledge of his day and moulded it into a theory that accounted for almost every observable fact - from the fall of an apple to the movements of the planets and the colours of...

      Was: $16.95
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      Night Vision: Exploring the Infrared Universe.

      Drawing on exciting discoveries of the last forty years, this explores how infrared astronomy, an essential tool for modern astrophysics and cosmology, helps astronomers reveal our Universe's most fascinating phenomena - from the birth of stars in dense...

      Was: $86.95
      Now: $24.95
    • SALE

      Seven Wonders of the Universe That You Probably Took for Granted.

      Written in a casual, light-hearted style, she takes us on a tour of seven everyday experiences Ð night, light, stuff, gravity, time, home, and wonder. She introduces each of these seven wonders with a simple question that appears easily answered. But...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      Space on Earth: Saving Our World By Seeking Others.

      He believes environmental science and space science have the same objective - to ensure humanity has a home. He provides a new vision of humanity's future which brings these movements together. Publisher Description Sir Arthur Clarke Award Winner Many...

      Was: $49.95
      Now: $4.95
    • SALE

      The Depths of Space: The Story of the Pioneer Planetary Probes.

      Publisher Description The first spacecraft to explore the secrets of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and the void beyond Pluto, the Pioneer space probes have been the trailblazers of the space age, truly going where no man has gone before. Emblazoned with...

      Was: $49.95
      Now: $16.95
    • SALE

      The Greatest Comets in History: Broom Stars and Celestial Scimitars.

      Sergeant has chosen over 30 individual comets which met his criteria for being history's greatest. The ones included here are of exceptional brightness or those having long intense tails. He uses eyewitness accounts and official documents to introduce us...

      Was: $43.95
      Now: $14.95
    • SALE

      The Intimate Universe: How the Stars are Closer Than You Think.

      He explains how every molecule, atom, and subatomic particle here on Earth can trace its origin back to the depths of the galaxy. The world around us originates in the cosmos, and conditions we take for granted are the result of cataclysmic forces that...

      Was: $29.95
      Now: $9.95
    • SALE

      The Monthly Sky Guide.

      Updated with planet positions and forthcoming eclipses to the end of the year 2017, it contains twelve chapters describing the main sights visible in each month of the year, providing an easy-to-use companion for anyone wanting to identify prominent...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $7.95
    • SALE

      The Quantum World: The Disturbing Theory at the Heart of Reality.

      An up-to-date review of what's hot in quantum information, as well as a documented essay about quantum theory history, this is a good introduction to quantum science offering a huge amount of information that makes it understandable and accessible for...

      Was: $39.95
      Now: $12.95
    • SALE

      The Rock from Mars: A Detective Story on Two Planets.

      Publisher Description In this riveting book, acclaimed journalist Kathy Sawyer reveals the deepest mysteries of space and some of the most disturbing truths on Earth. The Rock from Mars is the story of how two planets and the spheres of politics and...

      Was: $51.95
      Now: $16.95
    • SALE

      The Secret Life of Space.

      The authors are both scientists and authors, and here they uncover the unsung heroes and heroines who have been overlooked in the history of scientific endeavour, and debunk the urban myths of astronomy. They reveal: the telescope was not invented by...

      Was: $49.99
      Now: $19.95
    • SALE

      Things That Are: Encounters with Plants, Stars and Animals.

      A book about the universe which begins with a swimming salmon and ends with the starry sky. The Guardian said: 'The twenty-six pieces here are short, pithy and packed with information delivered in poetic but precise languageÉDon't read too much in one...

      Was: $27.95
      Now: $12.95