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December 2019

Posted by Sally Clouston on 17th Dec 2019

You can find a gift for everyone you know within these pages (or you can visit our great new website that Jack has painstakingly built. What a clever-clogs he is.) Begin with the two <I>Bluey<P> books #1206 and #1207 which any pre-schooler you know will receive with squeals of delight, and continue to #1212 <I>The Twelve Days of Christmas with Roald Dahl<P> for an older child. Teenagers are often difficult to buy for: you never know what they like at any given moment. We suggest #182 <I>The Indispensable Book of Useless Information<P> and #261 <I>Would I Lie To You? Presents the 100 Most Popular Lies of All Time<P>.There are books in here for your daughter’s new beau, your son’s cricket coach, Grandad and Granny, that cute guy at the coffee shop, the neighbour who makes you those glorious spring rolls, your beloved, that bristly old aunt, and of course the group of druncles that hang out around the esky all day.

A Merry Christmas to you all
From the great little group that is Clouston and Hall.
Books from the library are all very well
But ours are for keeps. We can sell
You volumes on cakes and volumes on dates
Plus books on bad guys, and books on mates.
We have books with covers of blue and of red
Books for beach and bath and bed.
Books for uncles, aunts and cousins
Single copies, or in dozens.
We love to make your Christmas bright
With books to savour through the night.
So jump on to our website (new!)
And make our Christmas merry too.