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May 2020

Posted by Sally Clouston on 6th May 2020

May 2020 Catalogue
It has been a long time in isolation mode and it looks, at the time of writing, that we are not done yet. We hope you are all OK. We have heard from friends and relatives out there in the wider world, and everyone seems to be hunkered down, waiting, just like us. Thank goodness for email, because the post is even slower than usual. We posted two Easter cards to grandchildren in New Zealand two weeks before Easter. They were posted in the same box, together on the same day. One child got hers on 18/4. Her brother still hasn't got his. Our mole in Australia Post says they are dealing with huge
quantities of mail, mostly packages and parcels, three times busier than Christmas...but they are not offering any overtime, just letting it all bottleneck.
Isolating is quite restful, and we are looking very sleek. We even had some success with bread-making till the world ran out of flour. Little lie-downs (llds) after lunch are the new norm. However, obesity and cirrhosis are just around the corner as we cook delicious new dishes and enjoy cocktails before wine-with-dinner. So far, we have resisted port and cheese while watching TV. We aren't too good with Netflix, have managed to pick a number of duds. Any recommendations gratefully received. At least we have books, and the piles on our bedside tables have gradually become smaller. We have put
away a few biographies, some worthy novels that we have put off reading for ever, and re-read a few old favourites.
Let us know how you are getting on. What are your tips for Things To Do When Confined At Home? We quite like the Dancing segment on ABC Classic FM. And every cupboard has had a spring clean: I threw away the fennel seeds dated 1989.